We spend a fortune on our upholstery, hence it is our responsibility to keep it in great condition to enhance the life of the it. It is almost impossible to deep clean the upholstery despite having the most advanced vacuum cleaner. For this, you require the assistance of an upholstery cleaning professional. The money spent on a professional cleaning service is an investment. Thorough and deep upholstery cleaning can ensure that the furniture remains as good as new for a long time. Dust can cause health issues. Therefore, it is important to keep your upholstery free from dust and mites.

It is worth noting that it is important to hire an upholstery cleaning professional than doing the work yourself. There different types of fabrics and they do require different ways of cleaning them which is the same case as stains. Here are the advantages of getting a professional for upholstery cleaning instead of doing it yourself.

Technical expertise:

There is no substitute for expertise. You may decide to clean them, but you can’t do the awesome job carried out by these highly trained professional experts. They have worked under the cleaning area and so they have enough experience and precise knowledge about all the technical areas, these professionals can offer you excellent cleaning services.

Special types of equipment:

You may be equipped with simple equipment, but the professional people are equipped with all the sophisticated tools which can be helpful in tackling with sensitive and annoying dust. Moreover, depending on the fabric & the nature of the upholstery, these professionals deploy different tools to ensure the safety of your assets and to provide the good cleaning.

Knowledge of the work:

Normally furniture manufacturers label their products that can help a cleaning professional to learn what type of cleaning agents need to be used. It is a good idea to read the labels before starting to clean upholstery. Special fabric needs special care, and to keep the fabric away from shrinking and color fastening; it is important even for the experts to go through the label before starting to clean the upholstery. It is true to say that Professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge to interpret and understand the labels than how you do. This is why you should consider their help.

Better services offered during cleaning:

Not just removing stiff-necked stains but also ensuring that unpleasant odor is removed from the fabric is vital. Most upholstery cleaning companies take care of unpleasant odor removal by not just masking them with deodorants but also eliminating the cause of the odor to give a fresh fragrance. The odor is nothing but bacteria absorbed deeply into the upholstery due to spillage being retained for a long time. Deep cleaning can eradicate the odors and give a fresh and pleasant aroma. If you find that your upholstery needs some real cleaning, then it is time to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company. Only an expert can revive the lost glamor of your upholstery. Along with upholstery, it is advised to get your carpets also cleaned to give a face-lift to your living room.


Some stains occur when a spillage is not cleaned immediately. Over a period, the spill is completely absorbed into the fabric, and it becomes difficult to remove it. This is when the assistance of professional upholstery cleaning services is felt. By using appropriate cleaning methodologies and relevant cleaning agents, the stain can be removed permanently. Consider hiring a professional like Shreveport Carpet Cleaning ( other than just doing it yourself, and you will enjoy the benefits.…


Let’s say you got help up in that meeting or at your work place, and your dog couldn’t help it but get the perfect spot on your carpet to pee. Every homeowner with a pet has had some experience close to this ad there’s no need to worry. There are a few things that can help you neutralize the pet urine odor.

First of all, you should clean up pet urine before it dries to prevent it from staining the carpet and encouraging bacteria growth. You can use a layer of several paper towels to remove the stain on the wet area of your carpet. Allow the paper towel to absorb as much of the urine as possible by soaking up the urine. That’s the first step towards reducing pet urine odor. Here are a few other steps on how you can neutralize the urine smell:

  • Start by creating a vinegar cleaning solution using water and vinegar (ration of one to one). Vinegar will help you remove the ammonia smell of urine without affecting the fibers of your carpet. It, therefore, helps to protect your carpet while still neutralizing the smell of pet urine.
  • Apply the vinegar solution on the affected area of your carpet making sure it reaches the lower carpet fibers. Allow for about 10 minutes so that the carpet can absorb the vinegar solution.
  • You can now soak up the as much of the solution as possible using a layer of paper towels
  • The carpet should take several hours to become dry. Once it’s almost dry go ahead and some baking soda on the affected area so as it can absorb any remaining odor. Give the baking soda about fifteen minutes before vacuuming the area.

Another option that homeowners consider when they need to remove urine stains from their carpets is the commercial pet stain remover. If you’ve tried using baking soda and vinegar but nothing seems to change, consider using commercial pet stain removers, air fresheners and deodorizers. Note that the type of your carpet (natural or synthetic) may affect the effectiveness of some cleaning products. It’s therefore, important that you go through the label on the cleaning products to be sure you’re choosing the one that will get rid of pet urine odor from your carpet.


The starting point should always be understanding the different methods that you can use to clean your carpet before scheduling a service appointment. That helps you to understand the kind of service you’re getting and its effectiveness in cleaning your carpet. The different carpet cleaning methods homeowners can choose from include bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, and foam cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning involves the use of a special cleaning powder which attracts dirt when applied to a carpet. Unlike shampooing, dry cleaning doesn’t wait for the carpet to dry. The carpet is vacuumed as soon as the cleaning powder has been applied and has worked into the carpet.


Shampooing is considered to be the least effective when it comes to cleaning a carpet. It usually involves applying special detergents to a carpet before it is “scrubbed” and vacuumed. That explains why it’s not as effective as the other methods of carpet cleaning.

Despite the fact that the special detergents used tend to have deodorizers and brighteners which leave a good smell in your house and the carpet will also be looking brighter dirt still remains trapped in your carpet. The carpet cleaning method can be compared to when a person shampoos her hair without using water and hopes that the dirt and the dried shampoo will all be taken away by a breeze. It doesn’t work that ways. Don’t be surprised when you see the dirt and stains reappearing after some time.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is not recommended for cleaning home carpets since it may damage the carpet. It’s mostly used in cleaning industrial or commercial grade carpeting. A chemical detergent is usually applied on the carpeting before an absorbent pad on a rotary shampoo machine is used to remove the dirt.

Hot Water Extraction/ Steam Cleaning

Although there are portable machines that one can use for hot water extraction, the industry, truck-mounted systems are considered to be more effective. This method of carpet cleaning involves injecting a solution of cleaning detergent and very hot water into a carpet using a powerful machine before the mixture is extracted. This method leaves your carpet smelling good and looking like it’s new.

Hot water extraction is more effective when it comes to removing as much stains, dirt, bacteria, and soil as possible. Before hiring a company, make sure their equipment are current and they have well-trained carpet cleaning technicians. You don’t want to work with someone who will over-saturate your carpet thereby leading to mold growth as a result of the remaining moisture.

It’s always a good idea to understand the cleaning method being used and its effectiveness on cleaning your soiled carpet. Although hot water extraction or steam cleaning might cost you a few more dollars, you can be sure the quality of the cleaning will be much higher.