Carpets are great magnets for dust and dirt. Cleaning your carpets frequently is therefore a must if there are pets and kids in your house. Dirty carpets give an impression of poor hygiene habits and can be a source of serious allergies.

There are many different methods used in cleaning carpets. The carpet material is the main factor which determines what method to use. A thorough vacuuming will be the start of any of these methods. Vacuuming makes the other methods effective by extracting dust from the carpet. As no water is used, this method is called the dry cleaning method. Special cleaning powders are sometimes used in this method. Once they are applied on the carpet, they will attract dust. Finally, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed after powder has done its work.

Shampooing is another method used to clean carpets. A shampoo is sprayed and then worked into the carpet using a machine. The shampoo is formulated with cleaning agents that can remove stains and dust from the carpet fibers. They also contain brighteners and deodorizers to improve the smell and look of your carpet. After the cleaning process, the shampoo is removed from the carpet through vacuuming.

Steam cleaning process is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method. A machine is used to inject a solution of cleaning detergents and hot water into the carpet. The dirt in the carpet mixes up with the solution and is then removed using a high pressure machine. All moisture should be extracted when using this method. If left behind, moisture will lead to growth of mold.

Professional carpet cleaning companies can decide to use a method known as foam cleaning depending on how dirty is your carpet. This method is a blend of shampooing and dry cleaning. There are some add-on services which you can opt to pay for if you hire a professional to clean your carpet. A deodorizer can be applied to the carpet after cleaning so that it has a clean fresh smell. A carpet sealant can also be used. The sealant will cover the carpet’s top layer preventing straining. It also preserves the fabric colors ensuring that they don’t fade.

When it comes carpet cleaning, you can either to do it yourself or choose to hire a carpet cleaning company. It can be a daunting experience to clean the carpet yourself if it is large and too dirty. Hiring carpet cleaning services becomes necessary in these circumstances. These professionals will ensure that your carpet remains new and increases its durability. Below are some reasons why you should hire professional carpet cleaning services.

· It’s First and Efficient

It saves your time as the cleaning is done in a few hours.

· It’s Cost Effective

Cleaning the carpet yourself can incur you extra costs if you use the wrong products or cleaning techniques.

· It’s Convenient

With most carpet cleaning companies offering door to door services, its saves you time and energy to carry your carpet to the cleaning center.

· It’s Reliable and Offers Quality Service

Use of high standard cleaning products and appropriate techniques ensures that your carpet is well cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies also hire professional with expertise and experience in carpet cleaning to ensure quality services are offered.